Shahbaz Sarwar is a self-taught actor who’s performed in independent feature films and Danish national television series. Throughout his formative years, he’s performed in more than 50 short films and more than 20 theater plays.

Having learnt the craft through working with countless directors both experienced and novice, Shahbaz Sarwar is a versatile actor with a very flexible approach to the work.

Able to perform characters of both dramatic heft and comedic levity, Shahbaz excels in characters that delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche; characters with authority and calm in their tone and presentation; sarcastic characters with a sharp wit; emotionally subtle characters where the tension is bubbling right under the surface, and many more. 


The director is King or Queen on set and the actor is put on this (round) Earth to follow the directions of the top to facilitate the reality established by the writer of the piece. As an actor, Shahbaz is able to work with directors of all sorts, but prefers work where collaboration is key. 

From the earliest years working with improv, Shahbaz approaches all characters with the mantra “Work without shame”. The work up to a performance in front of a live audience or before standing in front of the camera is, like any inventor’s journey towards a genius invention, full of trial-and-error, because it’s the only way you can discover the path to truth.


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70 kg

Hair colour


Geographic area in which work can be commenced within 24 hours

Greater Copenhagen, Zealand

Languages, knowledge

Pakistani, Spanish, Swedish


174 cm

Clothing size




Languages, fluent

American, Danish

Special skills

Actor, Choreographer/actor, Director, Military experience, Model, Scriptwriter, Speaker, Stage combat, Translator, Writer


Title:  Shrouded Destiny: A Star Wars Long Tale

Year:  2021

Role:  Tulek

Director:  Shahbaz Sarwar and Erik Alejandro Gonzalez

Producer:  Invictus


Title:  The Day After

Year:  2017

Role:  Ahmed

Director:  Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer:  Shahbaz Sarwar


Title:  Got You On My Mind

Year:  2016

Role:  Man

Director:  Kasper Rebien

Producer:  RedWolves

Title: Star Wars: The Last Padawan

Year: 2016

Role: Gordo

Director: Jesper Tønnes

Producer: Jesper Tønnes


Title: Bakerman

Year: 2016

Role: Izzat

Director: David Noel Bourke

Producer: McNamara


Title: Intet

Year: 2021

Role: Hussains Far

Director: Trine Piil

Title: Star Wars: Shrouded Destiny

Year: 2018

Role: Tulek

Director: Shahbaz Sarwar/Joon Poore

Producer: Shahbaz Sarwar


Title: I Danmark Er Vi Født

Year: 2016

Role: Mand

Director: Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer: Shahbaz Sarwar


Title:  Chosen

Year:  2021

Role:  Hussein

Director:  Kaspar Munk

Media:  Netflix


Title:  The Ways of the Lord

Year:  2018

Role:  Imam Abdul Aleem

Director:  Kaspar Munk

Media:  DR1 – September 2018

Title: Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig

Year: 2020

Role: Kriminaltekniker

Director: Iram Haq

Media: DR Drama


Title: Klassen

Year: 2017

Role: Munir – Lærer

Director: Morten BH

Media: DR Ultra

Title: Bedrag

Year: 2019

Role: Indgrebsadvokat

Director: Gustav Möller

Media: DR Drama


Title: Et Bøssedrama

Year: 2019

Role: Deniz

Director: Mette Søndergaard Nielsen

Theatre: Teater Grob





Title: Velcro

Year: 2016

Role: Unavngivet

Director: Anne Stegler Bjerrum

Theatre: Stage





Title: Kærlighedsministeriet

Year: 2016

Role: Adam

Director: Signe Cæcilie Albeck Lausen

Theatre: Odense Teater (Værkstedet) – vandt Scenoskop Festivalens Publikumspris


Title: Tårnspringeren/


Year: 2018

Role: Mohamed/Ahmed

Theatre: Grob – Visning af forestilling. Ikke komplet.



Title: The Merchant of Copenhagen

Year: 2016

Role: Antonio

Director: George Mungai

Theatre: Baltoppen



Title: Monologue Slam UK Los Angeles Edition

Year: 2017

Role: Markus Antonius

Director: Selv

Theatre: TCL Theater i Los Angeles. Vandt tre minutters monolog konkurrence



Title: Outerspace Blues

Year: 2016

Role: Robert

Director: Anne Stegler Bjerrum

Theatre: Skuespilhuset (foyer) – Genopsætning af forestilling

Shrouded Destiny: A Starwars Long Tale
Role: Tulek // Director: Shahbaz Sarwar and Erik Alejandro Gonzalez // Producer: Invictus 2021
The Day After
Role: Ahmed // Director: Shahbaz Sarwar // Producer: Shahbaz Sarwar 2017
Got You on My Mind
Role: Man // Director: Kasper Rebien // Producer: RedWolves 2016
Star Wars: The Last Padawan
Role: Gordo // Director: Jesper Tønnes // Producer: Jesper Tønnes 2016
Role: Izzat // Director: David Noel Bourke // Producer: McNamara 2016
Role: Hussains Far // Director: Trine Piil // (more to come) 2021
Star Wars: Shrouded Destiny (short)
Role: Tulek // Director: Shahbaz Sarwar and Joon Poore // Producer: Shahbaz Sarwar 2018
I Danmark Er Vi Født
Role: Mand // Director: Shahbaz Sarwar // Producer: Shahbaz Sarwar 2016
Role: Hussein // Director: Kaspar Munk // Media: Netflix 2021
The Ways of The Lord
Role: Imam Abdul Aleem // Director: Kaspar Munk // Media: DR1 2018
Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig
Role: Kriminaltekniker // Director:Iram Haq // Media: DR Drama 2020
Role: Lærer Munir // Director: Morten BH // Media: DR Ultra 2017
Role: Indgrebsadvokat // Director: Gustav Möller // Media: DR Drama 2019
Et Bøssedrama
Role: Deniz // Director: Mette S. Nielsen // Theatre: Teater Grob 2019
Role: Unavngivet // Director: Anne S. Bjerrum // Theatre: Stage 2016
Role: Adam // Director: Signe C. A. Lausen // Theatre: Odense Teater (Værkstedet) 2016