Who Wants To Live Forever? (Hvem Vil Leve For Evigt?)

Hvem vil leve for evigt plakat Hvem vil leve for evigt gruppe

Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Louise Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Rasmus Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Silan

I played the part of Ebbe in the collage performance that melded texts from film and theater and made a separate performance from them.

The revenue went to a charity organization called “Projekt Udenfor/Project Outside”, whose main task is to aid homeless people during the cold months of winter.



Ditte – Birgitte Hvass Miller

Ebbe – Shahbaz Sarwar

Benjamin – Rasmus Cundell

Anna – Silan Maria Budak Rasch Grunnet Casting Link

Caya – Louise Kaastrup Larsen

Musical Cast:

Vocal – Amanda Lea Kempf http://www.wearevulcan.net/

Instrument – Casper Van Westhausen http://www.wearevulcan.net/


Director – Christina Mille Sørenen http://play-cph.dk/teaterleder-christina-sorensen/

Writer – Different writers from film and stage work

Producer – Monika Mazurek

Sound – Joey J. Miller

Lighting – Mads Peter Malmskov

Stage – PLAY

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