The Shoemaker’s Incredible Wife

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The play by Federico Garcia Lorca was performed by the Danish group Young North Company in the Aarhus based Musikhuset as well as in Scarborough at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

I played the male lead, Shoemaker.

I moved from Copenhagen to Aarhus to ensure I got the biggest male part.

I don’t have the complete list of people on this production, since the director couldn’t find the list.


Wife – Lise Aagaard Knudsen, Nina Adelaide Skeem Geist, Ditte Sorgenfrei

The Shoemaker – Shahbaz Sarwar

The Mayor – Kristian Skov Christoffersen

Village Idiot – René Wormark


Director – Thorbjørn Carl Hjalager

Assistant Director – Mette Rønne

Stage – Musikhuset Aarhus, Stephen Joseph Theatre

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