The Paprika Steen Predicament (PaprikaSteenProblematikken)




A performance about how it is and how it feels to go the state theatre school auditions, where we mashed up our texts, songs and poems for the tests.

I urged the group to address the issue I like to call “The Paprika Steen Predicament”, where you as an applicant to the schools have to endure that your trials and tribulations are put down by comforting friends with the notion that one of our most famous actresses applied a million times before being accepted…

We had 24 hours to prepare the performance, which was based on improvisational work on our texts.



Shahbaz Sarwar

Rasmus Cundell

Joachim Bach Rosendal

Josefine Tvermoes

Katrine Sofie Bøttcher


Director – Malene Begtrup Andersen

Stage – AFUK

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