The Love Ministry (Kærlighedsministeriet)


In the near future a man and a woman are called in for an interview at the local government branch of “The Love Ministry”.
They want to be a couple and have to make a contract on their relationship aided by an attorney.
The government has passed a new reform that is meant to effectuate love. It will minimize lost work hours wasted on human errors such as heartache over lost love and miserable crushes.
We get more growth in our society, if love is systematized like all other aspects in human life.
It’s a lot easier that way, right?


Adam – Shahbaz Sarwar

Josefine – Mette Bodholdt Purup

The Lawyer – Matilde Lund


Director – Signe Cæcilie Albeck Lausen

Writer – Matilde Lund, Signe Cæcilie Albeck Lausen

Lights – Anastasia Orlova