The Double (Dobbeltgængeren)

Dobbeltgaengeren2 Dobbeltgaengeren

Dostoevsky’s novel “The Double” was made into a theatre performance and performed at the Bühnespiel festival at Basement.

Reviewed by famous Danish reviewer, Monna Ditmer, to 4 hearts out of 6 I was described as being “the unusually talented”. Alright, you saucy minx…

Review (part 1)

Review (part 2) 


Goljádkin – Shahbaz Sarwar

The Double – Peter Fitzpatrick

Petrushka, The Boss – Nina Provis

The Doctor, Gerassimovitsj, Vakhramejef – Sika Skytte Odsbjerg Pedersen

Department Chief – Sarah Schlander Birksholm

Hall Waiter, Klara Olssuvjevna – Rebecka Söderberg


Director – Ann-Sofie Estrup Bertelsen

Writer – Fjodor Dostojevskiy (adapted for the theater by Ann-Sofie Estrup Bertelsen)

Scenographer – Marie Abildgaard Moberg

Lighting – Martin Pagter

Stage – Basement

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