The Day After

Two Secret Service agents talk to each other the day after the 2016 presidential election. One is Muslim. The other is homosexual. Colleagues. Friends. American.

I got the idea for the film after watching Trump’s victory speech. The movie’s life began on November 9th 2016 and was released on January 19th 2017.


Ahmed – Shahbaz Sarwar

Jonathan – Malte Frid-Nielsen


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Photographer – Rasmus Leo Hansen

Editor – Mike Baltzersen

Sound Recordist – Cameron Jean-Laing

Sound Mix – Símun Lindholm Mohr

Composer – Jacob Schrøder, Símun Lindholm Mohr

Lighting – Carl Ranfelt Møller

Line Producer – Mia Fassmer Schønnemann

Runner – Rasmus Sandager

Artwork – Cameron Laing