Superwoman 1 Superwoman

With less than 48 hours before show number 16 of 18 was to perform in front of a paying audience I was contacted by the Theatre Play with regards to taking over the part of an actor who had sustained an injury.

After having changed shifts at my “bread and butter” job I showed up at the theatre and rehearsed for a solid 8 hours, where I’d done all I could to memorize the lines beforehand and then played in the performance, so it didn’t have to be cancelled for its last three sold out shows.

A tough assignment, but very satisfying to complete!



Mille, Søs – Mille Berg

Crisse, Liva – Crisse Valentin

Camilla, Dana – Camilla Hesselager

Charlotte, Kimmie – Charlotte Liv Elvstrøm

Mette, Emily – Mette B. Purup

Shahbaz, André – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Christina Mille Sørensen

Writer – Mille Berg, Christina Mille Sørensen

Lighting – Tobias Grøndahl

Sound – Joey J. Miller

Stage – PLAY

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