That’s One Take On It

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A Demo Reel disguised as a short film where I act out ten different scenes that you know from different movies without it specifically being from certain films.

The special thing about the film is that it is shot in one take, i.e. absolutely no editing of shots took place.

The idea came about due to my frustration over having worked for so many years in short films and not having the material sent to me by various amateur filmmakers, and also my love of one takes/long takes.

I wrote the script, directed, cast and produced along with starring in the feature.




Shahbaz Sarwar – Shahbaz Sarwar

Guest at café, Lady Departing, Party Girl, Dance Girl – Gaia Maria Jørgensen

Guest at café, Guest at Outdoors table, Party Guest – Johan Albrechtsen

Guest at café, Guest at Outdoors table, Party Guest – Sika Skytte Odsbjerg Pedersen

Guest at café – Jacob Schnohr Ingversen

Guest at café, Party Guest – Marcin Urbanowicz

Guest at café, Party Guest – Søren Møller Starcke

Ninja Lackey, Running Villain, Party Guest – Jes Bech Engsted

Ninja Robber Leader, Henchman, Party Guest – Lasse Christensen

Barista, Lady in a red dress, Party Girl – Maria Fritsche

Guest at café, Basketball Girl – Zoé Elkær Nicot

Guest at café, Basketball Boy – Mikkel Diget Eriksen


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Line Producer – Jakob Shnohr Ingversen

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Sound Engineer – Lars Gonzalez

Still Photographer – Marcin Urbanowicz

Color grader – Michael Lysgaard

Music – Kevin MacLeod

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