Even though Shahbaz hasn’t gone to a traditional school, he did manage to get to the final tests of the national schools in Denmark, where the selection process reduces 1000 applicants to a mere 20-24, on more than one occasion.

Ultimately, this is not a merit of much worth by Shahbaz’ standards, so he’s gone to several courses and classes over the years and read books and followed masterclasses to improve upon his skills, acquired through almost two decades of acting. 

A student of many different teachers, Shahbaz has been taught in various techniques, so the toolbox is full of different solutions to your particular dramatic piece. 

Typical approach is by plucking out personal experiences to charge the circumstances of the character and working with Stanislavskiy’s “What if?” approach, coupled with factual research and rigorous study of the script.


A Proud member of the Danish Actors Union, Shahbaz will work for any professional who respects the rules and regulations of said Union.