I played Iago in the university class of Dramaturgy in Aarhus at Kasernescenen/The Barracks Scene.

I was originally cast as Michael Cassio, but the actor playing Iago jumped ship and then I got the part.

A great honor and I chose to play the character as a hero, since everyone in the world plays him as a villain.

Most people were satisfied with the change, but some Shakespeare aficionados probably have me in their evening prayers, where they seek salvation for my twisted spirit.

I was living in Copenhagen at the time and commuted between the two cities over a period of some six months.



Othello – Anuresh Rattan

Iago – Shahbaz Sarwar

Desdemona – Anne Sophie Haahr Refskou

Emilie – Anne Splittorf Ovesen

Michael Cassio – Michael Würtz

Bianca, The Doge – Anne Bergfeld

Roderigo – Mathias Elmose

Brabantio – Martin Andersen

Montano – Kim Tobias Rasmussen

Lodovico – Cüneyt Pala


Director – Morten Koch Roesen

Producer – Anuresh Rattan

Scenography – Tine Esmarch

Stage – Kasernescenen

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