My Time (Min Tid)

bus performance

I played the part of “Shahbaz” in a performance lecture that was a bachelor assignment for a Performance Design group from Roskilde University College.

My co-player and I played two lecturers of the Romantic Era, which incorporated song, dance and lots and lots of dry material presented in a super sexy manner by the macho, yet surprisingly homo erotic duo that summon two divas to aid in the lecture.

One of the funniest performances I’ve ever been a part of that was particularly difficult to perform in, since I was terribly stricken by the flu.



Shahbaz – Shahbaz Sarwar

Rasmus – Rasmus Cundell

Katrine – Katrine Sofie Bøttcher

Camilla – Camilla Schnack Tellefsen


Director – Anna Andrea Malzer

Writer – Anna Andrea Malzer

Sound – Nanna-Karina Schleimann

Production Assistants – Cæcillie Lützau, Christian Stilling, Elisa Nicole Turri, Pernille Bossov Godt

Stage – Rented Bus

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