I appeared as a street gangster with an attitude for the “My Røde Reel 2015” competition. This is the 7 minute Director’s Cut edition. I appear in the film from 02:16-04:12.


The Kid With The Bat – Tajs Jespersen

Gang Leader – Shahbaz Sarwar

Hooded Thug – Lasse-Emil Støvring Larsen

Thug with Knife – Mahmod Aqtash

The Man in the Suit – Rasmus Klaris


Director – Anthon Brouneus Bøttkjær

Writer – Anthon Brouneus Bøttkjær, Daniel Kristoffersen

Cinematographer – Anthon Brouneus Bøttkjær

Editor – Anthon Brouneus Bøttkjær

Sound – Gustav “Luzid” Swiatek

Light – Gustav “Luzid” Swiatek

Music – Ross Bugden, ALXD Music

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