A look inside where there’s nowhere to hide!

My name is Shahbaz Sarwar and I’m a 28 year old self-taught actor, who has periods of crazed writing and occasional stretches of “no one wants to hire me, so I might as well direct myself in something”.

You make your own luck. Classic. I believe it though. I also believe that you do the opposite. As in, you make your own misfortune.

I’ve been doing that for many years waiting for people to discover me. But as you may know this business is filled with fearful jackasses, who don’t know any better, so I’ve decided to stop waiting.

If you’re on this webpage it’s most likely because I pressed you up against some corner and insisted that you spend a few minutes of that cocaine-fueled, caffeinated, vodka-spiked life of yours to check me out. “I’m totally worth your time.”, I probably said.

You’re probably wondering, if that is true. But wonder no more.
You want it in writing that I’m worth your time? No problem.

I’m totally worth your time.

It’s on my website. It’s on the Internet. That makes it true.

So check out my films and check out my pictures and then stop wasting anymore of your time and just call me and set something up.

It’ll be awesome, so don’t worry about, because you know why?

I’m totally worth your time.


Shahbaz Sarwar

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