Hiring Shahbaz

PAID WORK: As a member of the Danish Actors Union, I’m obligated to take on contracts that fulfill the conditions of membership. If you’re thinking “Well, he says that, but I’m gonna try anyway…”. No. Stop it. Go away. 

PARTIALLY PAID WORK: However, the option remains for work that could lead to a higher paycheck at a later point, if it’s written into the contract and approved by the Danish Actors Union. 

UNPAID WORK: As a person whose life has been transformed by the various collaborations that people from the highest positions in the Danish film industry have agreed to do with him pro bono, it would be deeply hypocritical, if he were not willing to extend that olive branch himself to those who rightly see him as a boon to their story. 

The most important demand that must be met by the production approching Shahbaz about pro bono work has to be that the story is amazing. It can’t just be “okay” or “fine”. If proper payment is not the incentive, then the work Shahbaz agrees to do for you, needs to speak to him at a personal level. 

Also, everyone on the production works for free, and if the work is of a commercial nature, the appropriate contract must be signed by the production to ensure any potential future revenue. 


For any inquiries please email