The Last Padawan

I was a part of a trio of bandits in the Star Wars fan film “The Last Padawan”.


Padawan – Jesper Tønnes

Inquisitor – Bo Thomas

Bandit Leader – Theis Hansen

Bandit in a Tree – Joachim Bach Rosendal

The Bandit Gordo – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Jesper Tønnes

Producer – Jesper Tønnes

Writer – Jesper Tønnes

Director of Photography – Kristoffer Engholm Aabo

Second Unit Photography – Mathias Kruse

Camera Operator – Daniel Dynes

Editor – Jesper Tønnes

Sound Recordist – Aske Milling

Sound Design – Aske Milling, Morten Borgholm

Composer – Jonas Frederik

Sound Mix – Lars Tirsbæk

Runner – Macimililliano Acevedo

Runner Assistant – Oliver Tirsbæk

Visual Effects Team – Mikkel Christiansen, Jesper Tønnes, Andreas Hørby Clausen

Visual Effects Assistant – Nicoline Lind

Star Destroyer created by

In Denmark We Are Born (I Danmark Er Vi Født)

I had the idea for this video for more than half a year. My nearest friends were doubtful about the message of the video and whether it even reflected a Denmark that I here present in a nightmare version. A year after the election in 2015 I released it.

As an artist I feel obligated to comment visually on matters that I don’t feel are right in Denmark. Just like people write Facebook status updates; sit in a bar and whine or stand in front of a random store clerk yammering about things they can’t be held responsible for, I release a video every once in a while.


Singer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Antagonists – Jesper Bruun, Sara Emilie Nielsen, Maria Fritsche

Girlfriend – Christine Sander


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Fotograf – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Klipper – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Tonemester – Lars Enrique Gonzalez

Dubbing – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Got You On My Mind (Redwolves Music Video)

The music video for the Redwolves song “Got You On My Mind”.


Man – Shahbaz Sarwar

Woman – Maria Fritsche


Director – Kasper Rebien

Producer – Rasmus Cundell

Photographer – Kasper Rebien

Cinematography Assistant – Mikkel Eye

Editor – Kasper Rebien

Music – Redwolves