Web Commercial

I played one of the test subjects who had to go through “electric currents”, which aimed to show in a humorous way that some people choose harder solutions for their homepage creating than others do.

I was the poor schmuck who had to go through the trials and tribulations of the “electric currents” that involved in me shaking and sputtering while desperately holding on to dear life.



Man #1 – Imran Bakhsh

Man #2 – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Jimmy Blom

Cinematographer – Alexander Marthin

Lighting – Nicolaj Bak

Make Up Artist and Costumier – Marlene Sofia Kiær

The Art (Kunsten)

Shahbaz Kunsten

Kunsten Bag Kameraet 1

Kunsten Bag Kameraet


I played the creatively challenged painter, Adam, who has been unable to create a single painting in over four months… and now only has 24 hours to finish the job!
Presented at the Nordic Film Festival 2013 and Oregon Film Festival 2014.



Adam – Shahbaz Sarwar

Frank – Michael Trabjerg

Lily – Anne Sophie Adelsparre

Clément – Torben Qvist


Director – Emma Rosa Nordahl

Writer – Emma Rosa Nordahl

Cinematographer – Anna Markman

Lighting – Asta K. Svencionis, Anna Markman

Sound Engineer – Asta K. Svencionis, Mikkel Abel

Scripter – Mikkel Abel

Runner – Mathias Käki

Make Up Artist – Gittemarie Johansen, Asta K. Svencionis

Editor – Mathias Käki

Congratulations, you’re nr. 500/WeekendFilm #4 (Tillykke, du er nr. 500/WeekendFilm #4)

A concept where you create a short film over the duration of a weekend.

Friday is scriptwriting day. Saturday is recording. Sunday is editing and release of the film.

I played Agent 47 that shows up with an offer to a woman who hadn’t properly read the small print, while joining an online competition leading to fatal consequences…



Nr. 16 – Alexander Behrang Kesthkar

Nr. 47 – Shahbaz Sarwar

Nr. 500/Jytte – Sussie Nøhr


Director – Daniel Buchwald

Writer – Søren Folke Larsen

Cinematographer – Nis Vinten

Editor – Nikolaj M. Brandt

My Time (Min Tid)

bus performance

I played the part of “Shahbaz” in a performance lecture that was a bachelor assignment for a Performance Design group from Roskilde University College.

My co-player and I played two lecturers of the Romantic Era, which incorporated song, dance and lots and lots of dry material presented in a super sexy manner by the macho, yet surprisingly homo erotic duo that summon two divas to aid in the lecture.

One of the funniest performances I’ve ever been a part of that was particularly difficult to perform in, since I was terribly stricken by the flu.



Shahbaz – Shahbaz Sarwar

Rasmus – Rasmus Cundell

Katrine – Katrine Sofie Bøttcher

Camilla – Camilla Schnack Tellefsen


Director – Anna Andrea Malzer

Writer – Anna Andrea Malzer

Sound – Nanna-Karina Schleimann

Production Assistants – Cæcillie Lützau, Christian Stilling, Elisa Nicole Turri, Pernille Bossov Godt

Stage – Rented Bus

Who Wants To Live Forever? (Hvem Vil Leve For Evigt?)

Hvem vil leve for evigt plakat Hvem vil leve for evigt gruppe

Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Louise Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Rasmus Hvem vil leve for evigt Shahbaz og Silan

I played the part of Ebbe in the collage performance that melded texts from film and theater and made a separate performance from them.

The revenue went to a charity organization called “Projekt Udenfor/Project Outside”, whose main task is to aid homeless people during the cold months of winter.



Ditte – Birgitte Hvass Miller

Ebbe – Shahbaz Sarwar

Benjamin – Rasmus Cundell

Anna – Silan Maria Budak Rasch Grunnet Casting Link

Caya – Louise Kaastrup Larsen

Musical Cast:

Vocal – Amanda Lea Kempf

Instrument – Casper Van Westhausen


Director – Christina Mille Sørenen

Writer – Different writers from film and stage work

Producer – Monika Mazurek

Sound – Joey J. Miller

Lighting – Mads Peter Malmskov

Stage – PLAY

Welcome Home (Velkommen Hjem)



I played a doctor that had to inform the main lead to slow down as his heart couldn’t cope with his hectic lifestyle.

My scene can be viewed from 05:49-08:06.


Erik – Dan Billeskov

The Wife – Trine Langkilde Hansen

Doctor – Shahbaz Sarwar

Nurse – Isabella Bjørn

Guests – Steffen Holmann Olsen, Merete Munkstrup, Bø Skjøtt


Director – Oliver Rosendal

Producer – Oliver Rosendal

Writer – Oliver Rosendal

Co-Producer – Christian Skjøtt

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Sound Engineer – Christian Skjøtt

Editor – Oliver Rosendal

VFX – Christian Skjøtt

Storyboard Artist – Christian Skjøtt

Music – Moby (

That’s One Take On It

OT1 OT2 OT3 OT4 OT5 OT6 OT7 OT8 OT9 OT10 OT11 OT12 OT13


A Demo Reel disguised as a short film where I act out ten different scenes that you know from different movies without it specifically being from certain films.

The special thing about the film is that it is shot in one take, i.e. absolutely no editing of shots took place.

The idea came about due to my frustration over having worked for so many years in short films and not having the material sent to me by various amateur filmmakers, and also my love of one takes/long takes.

I wrote the script, directed, cast and produced along with starring in the feature.




Shahbaz Sarwar – Shahbaz Sarwar

Guest at café, Lady Departing, Party Girl, Dance Girl – Gaia Maria Jørgensen

Guest at café, Guest at Outdoors table, Party Guest – Johan Albrechtsen

Guest at café, Guest at Outdoors table, Party Guest – Sika Skytte Odsbjerg Pedersen

Guest at café – Jacob Schnohr Ingversen

Guest at café, Party Guest – Marcin Urbanowicz

Guest at café, Party Guest – Søren Møller Starcke

Ninja Lackey, Running Villain, Party Guest – Jes Bech Engsted

Ninja Robber Leader, Henchman, Party Guest – Lasse Christensen

Barista, Lady in a red dress, Party Girl – Maria Fritsche

Guest at café, Basketball Girl – Zoé Elkær Nicot

Guest at café, Basketball Boy – Mikkel Diget Eriksen


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Line Producer – Jakob Shnohr Ingversen

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Sound Engineer – Lars Gonzalez

Still Photographer – Marcin Urbanowicz

Color grader – Michael Lysgaard

Music – Kevin MacLeod

Forum Humanum



I participated in the dance performance in the acclaimed Dansehallerne/The Dance Halls connected to the Carlsberg Brewery.

The performance consisted of 13 professional dancers and 40 extras, where I was in the extras group.

This was the first time that I performed in the nude in front of an audience in an effort to heighten confidence and further my development as an actor.

The performance sought to present man as a flock animal and not as the zeitgeist would have it, namely as an individual.



Professional Dancers – Andreas Constantinou, Angela Herenda de Kroo, Antoinette Helbing, Carina Raffel, César García, Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, Felipe Salazar, Jan Vesala, Jean-Hugues Miredin, Marek Magierecki, Mette Aakjær, Sonja Øien Salkowitsch, Troels Hagen Findsen

Extras – Allan Hansen, Anna Eskelund, Anne Sofie Hoffmann Schrøder, Birgitte Skands, Birk Horst, Carlos Romao, Carmel Ennis, Christian Sprange, Erik Antonsen, Grazia Weis Levi, Jannick Kirk Sørensen, Jens Elvekjær Klæbel, Johanna Malene Geiger, John Voxfort, Kirsten Hald, Kirstine Marie Fabricius, Kaare P Johannesen, Lars Christian Feit Andersen, Lea Vendelbo Petersen, Lise Aagaard Knudsen, Louise Jørgensen, Louise Lund Gade, Mai Thorn, Marianne Kirk, Mette Aalund Olsen, Mie-Miriam Kongstad, Niels Henrik Egsgaard, Otto Kietz, Peter Hunter, Samuel Frederik Iwersen, Shahbaz Sarwar, Shuli Nordbek Azoulay, Sofia Rose Eberl Smed, Stefan Dolezal, Thomas Sørensen


Choreographer and Director – Kitt Johnson

Composer – Sture Ericson

Lighting Designer – Mogens Kjempff

Costume Designer – Charlotte Østergård

Stage – Dansehallerne