The Cold Table (Det Kolde Bord)

Det Kolde Bord

The concept of a performance being written in 24 hours by a single writer and then rehearsed by four actors under the guidance of a single director is still a popular event in the Copenhagen theater scene.

I had the honor of joining the event when the Nørrebro based “Teater Grob” invited us in. It was a wildly inspiring experience.

Character names aren’t written, since I never got the script digitally.


Morten Schaffalitsky

Marijana Jankowitsch

Shahbaz Sarwar

Niels Erling


Director – Mette Ovesen

Writer – Morten Dahl Lützhøft

Producer – Thea Kulavig, Magnus Iuel Berg

Stage – Teater GROB

Clark Kent

Clark-Kent-04A short film where I dubbed a Ku Klux Klan member with a high class Indian accent.

I don’t have the full Cast and Crew on this, because this’ll probably never be finished.



Ku Klux Klan Member (Voice) – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Morten Dysgaard

Taming of the Idea

I played the main lead as a ”Mad Men” type ad man “gone mad” in the web commercial, written and directed by myself. The commercial was for an audition for the theater group “Bühne”.



Shahbaz – Shahbaz Sarwar

Peter – Peter Fitzpatrick

Lasse – Lasse Christensen

Fie – Fie Drejer


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Cinematographer – Marcin Urbanowicz

Editor – Marcin Urbanowicz, Shahbaz Sarwar




I played a small bit part as a bartender in a short film for Copenhagen Film & Photo School (Københavns Film & Fotoskole).



Ivy – Lindsay Kjærgaard

El Viejo – Kim Sønderholm

Bartender – Shahbaz Sarwar

El Viejo’s Girl – Laura Mikkelsen


Director – Oliver Tonning

Producer – Oliver Tonning

Writer – Oliver Tonning

inematographer – Freja Sofie

Editor – Oliver Tonning

Worst Case Scenario

10844622_10204460810053661_1914155903_o  10849279_10204460810093662_909475981_o10825063_10204460810133663_729241442_o 10834784_10204460810013660_2052165510_o

I play a supporting character by the name of Hassan, who is the little brother of a gangster, who is out to help a friend out of a financial jam.

FDB Internal Commercial

I got the part as a news anchor in an internal commercial for a chain of supermarkets under the direction of Ask Hasselbalch.

I had two hours to complete the job and I was done in less than twenty.

The year after I was offered to take a part in Antboy on Hasselbalch’s request, but I was out on my six months world trip and couldn’t participate.

Director – Ask Hasselbalch