Dear Father (Kære Far)


Six hours before the recording of this short film I was asked to take over the main lead, since he had been hospitalized.

With the script in my hand two hours before the shoot, I had to play an Iranian refugee in a Danish refugee camp with lines in Farsi, which I had to learn phonetically, since I can’t speak the language.

I played the part with a thick Middle Eastern accent.

My scenes are to be viewed in the minutes 01:20-03:01, 03:57-08:09, 12:42-17:07, 17:59-19:34 and finally 22:27-26:03.



Achmed – Ernesto Carbone

Mustafa – Shahbaz Sarwar

Hassan – Hadi Ka-koush

Lotte – Susanne Billeskov

Mirna – Kate Kjølby

Henrik – Lars Udengaard

Salim – Naveed Khan

Majda – Iben Skou-Olsen

News Anchor – Per Christensen


Director – Jakob Schnohr Ingversen

Producer – Rasmus Krone

Co-Producer – Jakob Schnohr Ingversen

Writer – Jakob Schnohr Ingversen

Produktionsassistent / Production Assistant – Frederik Isager, Jakob Gregersen, Jakob Nielsen

Cinematographer – Dennis Jørgensen, Malthe Merrild

Scripter – Malte Greis

Still Photography – Malte Greis

Sound Engineer – Jonas Agersø

Lighting – Mikkel Grønnemose

Props – Christina Sørensen

Line Producer – Jannich Grønnemose

Costumier – Emilie M. Falk

Make Up Artist – Jill Strandgaard

Editor – Malthe Merrild

Composer – Lasse Aagaard

Music – Jakob Gregersen (Composer), Nadia Mygind (Solo)

Life ‘n’ Shit

I played the main lead during different parts of his life, firstly as a pigeon, then the father of a new-born child, then the child in his 20’s, 50’s and lastly, 80’s.

Performed at Krudttønden/The Powder Keg it was a comical musical, which could have done without the musical part… Luckily, I didn’t have to sing.

It was an English performance.



Jimmy, Adam, James – Shahbaz Sarwar

Angel, Evie, Suzan – Gaia Maria Jørgensen

God, Theo – Bryant Borders

Mrs. God – Angelique Abboud

Lenny – John Kelleher

Richie – Ray Hearne


Director – Angelique Abboud

Producer – Oren Shafir, Gali Yudilevich

Writer – Angelique Abbod, Oren Shafir, Brendan Kileen

Stage – Krudttønden