Forced (Tvang)




I had a bit part in a performance dealing with a private bordello, where I was a sex client.

I was asked to join the performance by my teacher at the time, Lotte Arnsbjerg, who also performed in it.

Character names aren’t written, since they are not available to me.



Henrik Noel Olesen

Lotte Arnsbjerg

Nastja Arcel

Charlotte Munksgaard

Peter Aude

Shahbaz Sarwar

Karin Bartholin

Angel Gavilanes

David Rønne

Tim Thikaj


Director – Lars Romann Engel

Production – Holbæk Teater

Writer – Lotte Arnsbjerg, Odile Poulsen

Scenography – Catia Hauberg Engel

Dramaturg – Louise W. Hassing

Composer – Johnny Stage

Lighting Design – Turpin Djurhuus

Stage – Pakhus 11

Family Planning


I played the role of Ahmed, a homosexual dictator of a third world Middle Eastern country in the English speaking musical “Family Planning”.


Fred – Thomas Christensen

Mary – Zarah Lawford

Philip – Ray Hearne

Ahmed – Shahbaz Sarwar

Abie – Moshe Halavi

Felicia – Siobhán Kelleher

Daddy – Oren Shafir

Mother – Nancy Henriksen

Agent Smith – John Kelleher

Mr. Max – David Rønne

Pizza Boy – Kevin Yuven


Director – John Kelleher

Producer – Oren Shafir

Writer – Oren Shafir

Music – Thune Lindberg

Stage – KUA