Promise Beyond The Grave


I offered my voice to a character who had recently died in this entry to Aarhus Short Film Challenge.

The animation film was finished in a week.

My voice can be heard from 0:43-01:59 and then again from 02:24-02:37.



Christian – Christian Vincent

Shahbaz – Shahbaz Sarwar

Malene, Helene – Malene Skjold


Director – Benjamin Dahlerup, Sofie Munk Hasselbom

Writer – Benjamin Dahlerup, Sofie Munk Hasselbom

Animation – Esben Juhl Jespersen


I provided the voice for an Italian accented waiter who bombards his guest with all sorts of pasta options.



Waiter – Shahbaz Sarwar


Animation – Frederik Zangenberg


I provide the voice to the hero, Andy, in The Danish Filmschool’s Animation Team’s 2013 Final Presentation, the iPhone and iPad game, Plantman.



Andy Sprout – Shahbaz Sarwar

S.A.M.M. – Ian Burns

Protechtor – John J. Dick

Mr. Greensworth – Andrew Jeffers

Clora – Amelia Hoy


Director – Dennis Nielsen

Writer – Dennis Nielsen, Mads Grage

Producer – Andreas Hjortdal

Project Manager – Martin Skarregaard

Art & Animation

Production Design – Sune Ahler

Character Design – Frederik Storm

In Game Animator – Sam Surplice

CG Artist – Mark Bo Jensen

Environments – Mark Bo Jensen

Pipeline Coordinator – Mark Bo Jensen

Lead Animator – Kasper Kamstrup Truemax Modeller

Animator – Mie Pedersen, Dorte Jensen, Asger Grevil, Ditte Brøns Frandsen

Lyd / Sound

Audio Designer – Morten Lund Søegaard

Music Composer – Morten Lund Søegaard

Lead Programmer – Horatio Roman

Programmer – Kasper Ingdahl Andkjær, Sune Rasmussen, Alexander Birke, Mathias Frølich, Christian Agerskov Rasmussen, Christian Andreas Kajsing, Jens Anker Bruun De Neergaard, Morten Kinslev

Consultant – Sune Rasmussen, Alexander Birke

Technical Support – Jon Murray

Clark Kent

Clark-Kent-04A short film where I dubbed a Ku Klux Klan member with a high class Indian accent.

I don’t have the full Cast and Crew on this, because this’ll probably never be finished.



Ku Klux Klan Member (Voice) – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Morten Dysgaard