The Day After

Two Secret Service agents talk to each other the day after the 2016 presidential election. One is Muslim. The other is homosexual. Colleagues. Friends. American.

I got the idea for the film after watching Trump’s victory speech. The movie’s life began on November 9th 2016 and was released on January 19th 2017.


Ahmed – Shahbaz Sarwar

Jonathan – Malte Frid-Nielsen


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Photographer – Rasmus Leo Hansen

Editor – Mike Baltzersen

Sound Recordist – Cameron Jean-Laing

Sound Mix – Símun Lindholm Mohr

Composer – Jacob Schrøder, Símun Lindholm Mohr

Lighting – Carl Ranfelt Møller

Line Producer – Mia Fassmer Schønnemann

Runner – Rasmus Sandager

Artwork – Cameron Laing

The Last Padawan

I was a part of a trio of bandits in the Star Wars fan film “The Last Padawan”.


Padawan – Jesper Tønnes

Inquisitor – Bo Thomas

Bandit Leader – Theis Hansen

Bandit in a Tree – Joachim Bach Rosendal

The Bandit Gordo – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Jesper Tønnes

Producer – Jesper Tønnes

Writer – Jesper Tønnes

Director of Photography – Kristoffer Engholm Aabo

Second Unit Photography – Mathias Kruse

Camera Operator – Daniel Dynes

Editor – Jesper Tønnes

Sound Recordist – Aske Milling

Sound Design – Aske Milling, Morten Borgholm

Composer – Jonas Frederik

Sound Mix – Lars Tirsbæk

Runner – Macimililliano Acevedo

Runner Assistant – Oliver Tirsbæk

Visual Effects Team – Mikkel Christiansen, Jesper Tønnes, Andreas Hørby Clausen

Visual Effects Assistant – Nicoline Lind

Star Destroyer created by

In Denmark We Are Born (I Danmark Er Vi Født)

I had the idea for this video for more than half a year. My nearest friends were doubtful about the message of the video and whether it even reflected a Denmark that I here present in a nightmare version. A year after the election in 2015 I released it.

As an artist I feel obligated to comment visually on matters that I don’t feel are right in Denmark. Just like people write Facebook status updates; sit in a bar and whine or stand in front of a random store clerk yammering about things they can’t be held responsible for, I release a video every once in a while.


Singer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Antagonists – Jesper Bruun, Sara Emilie Nielsen, Maria Fritsche

Girlfriend – Christine Sander


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Fotograf – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Klipper – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Tonemester – Lars Enrique Gonzalez

Dubbing – Niels Vogensen Biasevich

Got You On My Mind (Redwolves Music Video)

The music video for the Redwolves song “Got You On My Mind”.


Man – Shahbaz Sarwar

Woman – Maria Fritsche


Director – Kasper Rebien

Producer – Rasmus Cundell

Photographer – Kasper Rebien

Cinematography Assistant – Mikkel Eye

Editor – Kasper Rebien

Music – Redwolves


Tiro3Tiro Tiro1 Tiro2 Tiro4 Tiro5 Tiro6 Tiro8 Tiro7

In this short film from Københavns Tekniske Skole (The Copenhagen Technical School) I play Alexander, who is visiting his girlfriend’s family for the first time.

I go pheasant hunting with “dad” and it doesn’t turn out quite as planned…



Erik – Finn Storgaard

Alexander – Shahbaz Sarwar

Anne – Tammie Bergholdt

Susanne – Sussie Nøhr


Director – David Michael Jensen

Writer – David Michael Jensen

Line Producer – Miki Schack Mikkelsen

Director of Photography – Lars Stauning

B-Roll – Johan Braüner

Lighting – Andreas Wejs Hansen

Grip – Mikkel Skriver, Anders Nordahl

Sound – Jacob Østedgaard Mørch

Sound Assistent – Jonas Toftum

Scenographer – Mark-Emil Schwarz

Post Coordinator – Miki Schack Mikkelsen

Editor – Mikkel Skriver

Editing Assistent – Johan Braüner

Grading – Lars Stauning, Anders Nordahl

VFX – Andreas Wejs Hansen, David Michael Jensen, Mark-Emil Schwarz


I play the lead role in this 3-minute short film for the “My Røde Reel 2015” international short film competition.

Follow the link posted to vote for it before June 30th!


Assassin – Shahbaz Sarwar

Victim – Rasmus Pold

Daughter – Rebecca Grenaa Giessing


Director – Lukas Rønnow Klarlund

Writer – Lukas Rønnow Klarlund

Cinematographer – Markus Giessing

Editor – Lui Brandstrup

Sound Design – Lui Brandstrup

Lighting  – Markus Giessing

Makeup – Johanna McDonald

Music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts “Requiem”

NatioGalPartiets Hensigter Afsløret! (The NationalParty’s Intentions Revealed!)

In my first political sketch I take on Internet trolls who write abhorrently racist comments to people of different creed. In this particular case I address the issue of people verbally attacking a newly formed political party by posing as their foreman. The comments from various parties were that people of foreign descent were trying to topple the country and implement Sharia in Denmark. I thought it would be funny to think of a situation of how that would ever be likely and then “reveal the plan” in front of the headquarters for political activity in Denmark.


Shahbaz Sarwar – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Writer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Graphics – Asim Iqbal, Trine Damgaard

Sound – Teis Syvsig

~ (Tilde)

shahbaz_still_1 shahbaz_still_2 shahbaz_still_3 shahbaz_still_4 shahbaz_still_5 shahbaz_still_6 shahbaz_still_7 shahbaz_still_8 shahbaz_still_9

In this short film, I play the main lead as René: A terribly arrogant charcoal artist who is far too impressed with his own being to take his unfortunate model seriously enough.


René – Shahbaz Sarwar

Adele – Ane Steensgaard Juul


Director – Oliver Herlitschek

Writer – Michael Weems

Cinematographer – Lucas Helth Postma

Sound Engineer – Daniel Bøgh Nielsen

Make Up Artist – Mia Møller Jakobsen

Costumes – Julie Celine Zwicky

American Psycho Confession Scene

In the contest held by the Danish website “Onlinecasting”, the task was to recreate scenes from popular films as faithfully as possible.

I participated with a single scene from “American Psycho”, “Tangled”, and “Django Unchained”. I won the contest with my portrayal of “American Psycho” lead Patrick Bateman.


American Psycho


Patrick Bateman – Shahbaz Sarwar


Director – Shahbaz Sarwar

Producer – Shahbaz Sarwar

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Sound Engineer – Christoffer Søborg Bergstrøm

Lighting – Christoffer Søborg Bergstrøm

Editor – Marcin Urbanowicz, Shahbaz Sarwar