A Few Arabic Words (Nogle Få Arabiske Ord)

A small bit part where I played the Brother of the main actress. Lines were delivered in Urdu.

My scenes appear at 01:25-01:53 and 02:39-02:46.


Adam – Lasse Christensen

Hawwa – Louise Bonde

Hawwa’s Brother – Shahbaz Sarwar

Adam’s Friend – Peter Fitzpatrick

Bartender – Sebastian Hjort Jørgensen


Director – Peter Fitzpatrick

Producer – Kristin Siefert Nielsen

Writer – Peter Fitzpatrick

Cinematographer – Laila Dalgaard, Christian Kronow

Sound Engineer – Marie Lybeck

Editor – Laila Dalgaard, Peter Fitzpatrick, Christian Kronow, Marie Lybeck, Kristin Siefert Nielsen

Music – Myuu “Something’s Wrong”

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