Welcome Home (Velkommen Hjem)



I played a doctor that had to inform the main lead to slow down as his heart couldn’t cope with his hectic lifestyle.

My scene can be viewed from 05:49-08:06.


Erik – Dan Billeskov http://danbilleskov.dk/

The Wife – Trine Langkilde Hansen

Doctor – Shahbaz Sarwar

Nurse – Isabella Bjørn

Guests – Steffen Holmann Olsen, Merete Munkstrup, Bø Skjøtt


Director – Oliver Rosendal http://www.oliverrosendal.dk/

Producer – Oliver Rosendal

Writer – Oliver Rosendal

Co-Producer – Christian Skjøtt

Cinematographer – Oliver Rosendal

Sound Engineer – Christian Skjøtt

Editor – Oliver Rosendal

VFX – Christian Skjøtt

Storyboard Artist – Christian Skjøtt

Music – Moby (Mobygratis.com)

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