The Art (Kunsten)

Shahbaz Kunsten

Kunsten Bag Kameraet 1

Kunsten Bag Kameraet


I played the creatively challenged painter, Adam, who has been unable to create a single painting in over four months… and now only has 24 hours to finish the job!
Presented at the Nordic Film Festival 2013 and Oregon Film Festival 2014.



Adam – Shahbaz Sarwar

Frank – Michael Trabjerg

Lily – Anne Sophie Adelsparre

Clément – Torben Qvist


Director – Emma Rosa Nordahl

Writer – Emma Rosa Nordahl

Cinematographer – Anna Markman

Lighting – Asta K. Svencionis, Anna Markman

Sound Engineer – Asta K. Svencionis, Mikkel Abel

Scripter – Mikkel Abel

Runner – Mathias Käki

Make Up Artist – Gittemarie Johansen, Asta K. Svencionis

Editor – Mathias Käki

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