Mrs Eilersen And Mehmet (Fru Eilersen og Mehmet)


My first assignment as an actor was after my time serving in the army during my conscription.

I played the male lead who was a troubled youth, Mehmet, who gets hired by an aging store owner, Mrs. Eilersen, and an unlikely friendship emerges.

Reviews in Fyens Stiftstidende and Weekendavisen both personally complimented me and gave 4 out of 6 stars.




Mrs. Eilersen – Anne Marie Helger

Mehmet – Shahbaz Sarwar

Distributor Koefod – Max Hansen

Mrs. Moser – Helle Ryslinge

Jibram – Adoni Raffoul

Mrs. Andersen – Rita Angela

Gardener Lorentzen – Elith Nulle Nykjær

Thug #1 – Ulrich Schultz Petersen

Thug #2 – Lars Bruun

Organ Grinder – Jørgen Rosland


Director – Martin Sundstrøm

Producer – Martin Sundstrøm, Bo Jørgensen

Writer – Martin Sundstrøm

Cinematography – Kasper Loft Bylov

Assistant Director – Bronwen Loshak

Sound Engineer – Bo Asdal Andersen, Rune Sand, Thomas Bolvig, Julian Passarge

Boomer – Peter L. Petersen

Editor – Isabel Brammer, Anders Refn

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