Call Me When You Wake Up (Ring Når Du Vågner)

Ring Når Du Vågner

A short film about two childhood friends who each go their separate ways in life. I play a small supporting role as a great (art) movie actor by the name of Ludvig von Holstein.


Phillip – Jakob Åkerlind

Anders – Jeppe Alsgaard Pachaï

Peter Berg – Rasmus Boegelund

Silje – Leonora Monrad

Lukas – Christian Max Ejstrup Engelbrecht

Karl-Emil – Daniel Simon Grønvold Pedersen

Ludvig Von Holstein – Shahbaz Sarwar

Agnethe – Mai Hedvig Lyngby

Juliane – Britta Mikkelsen

Camera Operator – Anders Remmen


Director – Lasse Cordsen

Producer – Lasse Cordsen

Writer – Lasse Cordsen

Photographer – Kent Lawaetz

Sound – Søren Knud Christensen

Sound Mix – Simon Jørgensen

Editing – Kent Lawaetz, Lasse Cordsen

Production Assistant – Malene Maria Hansen

Technical Equipment – Lars Hammer

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