Model: Shahbaz Sarwar Fotograf: Zafar Iqbal
Name: Shahbaz Sarwar

Height: 174 cm

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Weight: 67-69 kg.

Language – Expert: Danish, English (American accent)

Language – Intermediate: Swedish, Urdu (Pakistani)

Language – Novice: Spanish (Castellano, South American)

Special skills: Can play football, trained kickboxing for one and a half year, able to perform fight stunts.

Shahbaz Sarwar started his acting path at the age of 18, where he participated in his first 5-day workshop with Odense graduated actress, Lotte Arnsbjerg.
By Day 2 of 5 he knew that he wanted to become an actor and he hasn’t looked back since. Well, when people call out his name, when they’re behind him, then he’ll look back. Also if an attractive lady passes him that he didn’t get to properly ogle to begin with. Okay, so he’s looked back quite a few times since. He’s applied for the state schools for ten years in a row, but he has been so pleased with the trial part of the whole process that he just keeps re-applying, even though he should have been educated by now… from almost all three schools. However, he hasn’t been sitting on his ass during all that time. He’s been in over 40 short films, where a little more than half have been completed, because he’s worked with so many douches and amateurs who didn’t give ham material for a show reel, which is the least you can do, when you work for free… and then he’s also been on stage over twenty times. He has attended the Music and Theatre School of South Jutland. He’s finished his conscription duties. He’s set foot on six of the seven continents of the world (Fuck Antarctica, it’s too cold). He has written stories and even directed. Yes, he’s a gentleman of some routine.

But who the hell is he?

He’s a funny gentleman. A sweet gentleman. A handsome gentleman. A smart gentleman. He’s gently awesome! A lot of gents, this one… Said in another way… He’s gently awesome! No wait, I guess that’s already been said… He sure doesn’t go into that sweet, gentle night without making notice of himself!

Shahbaz is the product on TV-Shop that you only dream of having, because you can’t believe that there’s actually such a solid product amongst all the junk. Shahbaz is the star in the galaxy that is your favorite without you knowing it. Shahbaz is the girl who got away. Shahbaz is an oasis in the desert after 40 years of wandering. Shahbaz is the milkshake that brings all the boys to his yard. Shahbaz is the most humble man on the planet. There is no one more humble than he.

Shahbaz is a storyteller and he would like to tell stories with you. He can be a composer or a jigsaw puzzle and anything in between. He won’t say yes to all projects, because he’s seen a lot of shit and has been offered to take a bite or two of colon produce during his time. But ask him, damn it. There’s something about that Shahbaz…

Shahbaz has in no way written this text by himself, he just wanted to say over my shoulder.

Thank you for taking a look at this site! Thank yourselves by making good use of him. He’s supposed to be gently awesome I’ve heard/been forced to write.