A Tribute To J. J. Abrams – Yohan feat. Per Wars & Tue Trek (Music Video)



A Tribute To J. J. Abrams – Yohan feat. Per Wars & Tue Trek

I was a glorified extra on this production, but decided to include it, because it was fun to be a part of.



Yohan – Johan Albrechtsen

Masters of the Universe – Per Wars & Tue Trek

Orion Slave Girl – Frederikke Cecilie Bertelsen

Bouncer – Per Lund

PR Woman – Tine Pohl http://tinepiiien.wix.com/tineactress

Reporters – Ann Lind Andersen, Nicolas Barbano, Brian Iskov, Christian Sørup Jensen, Silas Samuel Mortensen, Shahbaz Sarwar

Voice of Bouncer – David Bateson


Director – Asger Lindgård

Producer – Marie Louise “Malou” Færch Nielsen

Cinematographer – Tim Lynge Resdal

Editor – Johan Albrechtsen

Executive Producer – Johan Albrechtsen

Production Design – Martin Hansen & Sara Paludan Battrup

Post Producer – Mikkel Gøtzsche Andersen

Special Effects & Make-Up – Janus Vinther

Color Grader – Olesya Kireeva

Light – Mathias Tegtmeier

3D Animator – Tommy Lund Axelgaard

Soundmix – AudioNation

Vocal Recordings – Peter Albrechtsen

Sound Recordist – Lars Gonzalez

Light Assistant – Morten Hinge Møller

Runners – Daniel Finn Olsen & Christopher Horan

Behind The Scenes – Katja Brandt Andersen

Stunt Coordinator – Jacob Sebastian Malm


Fredrik Blom

Jack Hansen

Jacob Sebastian Malm

Morten “Silverfox” Petersen

Joon Poore

Anne Rasmussen

Musik / Music –

Music by – Johan Albrechtsen

Lyrics by – Per Uldal, Johan Albrechtsen

Block Rockin’ Beats – Anders Brixen Kristiansen

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